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Tales of Monkey Island on PSN June 15, Sam & Max Episode 3 a week later


PS3 owners who have recently seen the light of adventure games, thanks to Telltale's Sam & Max releases, now have another reason to load their PSN wallets: Telltale and Lucasarts will release the entire first season of Tales of Monkey Island -- all five episodes -- as a downloadable PS3 game on June 15.

Even if you won't be playing Monkey Island on PS3, this news likely benefits you. To celebrate the PSN release, Telltale is temporarily knocking down the price of the collection to $20 across all platforms -- not just PSN. The PC and Mac versions will also be sold at this discount price on Telltale's website through June 30. Obtaining the episodes this way is easier than hijacking a boat carrying shipments of Monkey Island games -- and actually cheaper, too.

Additionally, and especially if you prefer your Telltale protagonists anthropomorphic, you'll be pleased to know that Sam & Max's third episode of the third season, "They Stole Max's Brain!," will be available via (the North American) PSN and for PC and Mac on June 22; and the Euro PSN release will follow on June 23. And, hey, Sam & Max is on sale too! You can get the full season on PSN for $25.

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