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The Daily Grind: Does popularity influence your play decisions?

Eliot Lefebvre

Popularity can be an odd beast. For a fairly long stretch in World of Warcraft, there was one creature that could always be found in droves, no matter the time or place: the night elf hunter. While hunters are no longer the most popular class in the game, there's still no shortage of veterans who will look at you with suspicion if you have one. They became synonymous with inexperience and overplayed characters -- and as a combination of one of the most popular races with the most popular class at the time, it was all but inevitable.

From Guild Wars to EVE Online, there are always certain things with seemingly endless popularity. Some players will flock to the flavor of the month, either because they believe it's overpowered, or due to the assumption that everyone else can't be wrong. On the flip side, some people make it their practice to find the least popular combination of abilities and play that, just to be unique. So where do you fall? Have you ever made your choice of character based on what was (or wasn't) popular at the time? If so, do you try to go with the flow or against it?

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