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WoW Moviewatch: Nub Tales Episode 4: Rockhorn (The Resto Shammy)


As the story goes, Yumfries was cruising Warsong Gulch one day. After a particularly rough match, he noticed that he'd been roughing up one particular restoration shaman over and over. He'd put well over 300k damage into the shaman. Moved by the plight of this shaman, Yumfries created Nub Tales: ep. 4: Rockhorn (The Resto Shammy).

Episode 4 felt a little more disjointed than the other installments of Nub Tales. Still, I especially enjoyed Yumfries's brief parody of PvP videos. (Although, he missed an opportunity by not using Animal I Have Become.) Rockhorn's heartfelt monologue and Seleserene's portrayal of the earnest spirit healer were both spot-on and hilarious. And for all that Rockhorn (The Resto Shammy) is complete and total parody, I can almost see it as a rallying cry for the plight of the resto shammy in PvP.

In the end, I'm forced to agree with Rockhorn on one thing. If you're going to PvP, wear your PvP trinket.

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