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Hacker cons HTC Touch Pro 2 into providing multitouch, other WinMo devices too (video)

Tim Stevens

Never, ever doubt the skill and determination of the guys over at xda-developers, capable of cracking any device and bringing you fresh ROMs to brighten up your stuffy gadgets. This latest bit of wunder-code isn't a full new image, rather a tiny WinMo app that does something magical: enables multitouch on single-touch resistive screens. How? Sadly developer OndraSter isn't saying just yet, but it relies on leaving one finger in place and moving the other, so perhaps it detects a jump in touch position and treats it as a pinch gesture. In the videos below it's shown working in Opera, but should work anywhere, and while the developer filmed these on an HTC Touch Pro 2 he says this will work on just about any WinMo 6 or 6.1 device. The app has sadly not been released to the wild just yet, but we hope OndraSter drops some binaries soon before he starts a riot among Windows Mobile users with more than one finger.

[Thanks, Wes]

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