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How would you change HTC's Droid Incredible?

Darren Murph

Yeah, we called it the best Android device in America during our review back in April, and even today it's somewhat difficult to track down, but that's not to suggest that HTC's Droid Incredible is free of flaws. The Sense-enabled smartphone is the current flagship in VZW's stable, and while the EVO 4G may offer faster connections (in select locales) and a larger display, the Droid Incredible still has its fair share of proponents. This space, however, is where we all take a deep breath, a step back and quick sip of a strong drink. After that, we'd invite you to hit up comments below and tell us how you'd tweak this here smartphone if you suddenly found your way into HTC's headquarters. Would you have stretched the display a centimeter or two? Changed the hardware design somewhat? Made it available with a GSM radio? The options are pretty limitless, so head on down and publish your $0.02. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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