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War games mode coming to Cataclysm battlegrounds

Matthew Rossi

In an expanded answer to the news of cross-battlegroup battlegrounds, we now hear from Kalgan (aka Tom Chilton, lead game designer) that there will also be an option to enter a "war games" style of play. What does that mean, you may ask? Well, here's the answer from the floating lich-head's hands themselves. (That's the icon he uses.)

Kalgan on "War Games" mode

Q u o t e:

Too bad. Cross-server BGs were one of the things that, while convenient, overall have hurt the game and it's sense of community.

At least an option to only queue on-server would be nice.

We're simultaneously working on a "war games" mode for battlegrounds that allows groups to challenge other groups to a battle in a specific battleground (including horde vs horde and alliance vs alliance). Granted, the rewards aren't significant, but it's more for players to be able to have fun battling their guildmates and friends or for players on a server to throw down for the sake of pride and bragging rights.
... You'll still only be grouped with players of your language, although your opponents can be from whatever part of the region, regardless of language.

If Mr. Chilton's statement here actually comes to pass, this seems like a really cool option to make BGs useful for more than just queuing for points against faceless Horde or Alliance. Now, you would be able to go into a BG against people you know, do fights against the same faction and have mass tournaments organized solely by players. A fairly elegant answer to the "cross-battlegroup BGs will dilute community even more" statements that have been coming out.

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