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Best Buy formally announces @Gamer magazine


Remember when ex-Joystiq writer Kyle Orland spilled the beans on a potential magazine from Best Buy, dubbed @Gamer? Future Publications has formally announced a partnership with the yellow tag retailer to produce @Gamer, which is set to be offered in-store later this month.

The angle of the mag is both as a provider of editorial content and of "valuable savings" to customers. "@Gamer will cover the best 30-40 games and hardware items available each month in an easy-to-digest format, while offering at least $20 worth of exclusive offers redeemable at Best Buy locations," the press release states. William O'Neal will handle EIC duties for the mag -- a former correspondent for G4's Attack of the Show -- while the aforementioned Andy Eddy will serve as executive editor.

Now here's the bad news: @Gamer won't be free. The new mag will support a subscription plan (10 issues for $19.99) or a $5.99-per-issue cost in-store.

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