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Cataclysm Press Event: Ghostcrawler exclusive Wowhead interview

Matthew Rossi

In the wake of the big news about Cataclysm changes tonight, the folks at Wowhead have an exclusive interview up with Ghostcrawler, also known as Greg Street, lead systems designer. The interview is very long and detailed, but one part that really stood out for me was his response to a question about his forum presence.

Ghostcrawler - Wowhead interview
It's a little bit of a drag right now, because it's so quiet -- you know? A lot of people are waiting for new information, so there's not a lot of really interesting discussions going on, and those interesting discussions are the ones that make it all worthwhile for me. Like, I can sit there and answer questions forever for players who just want me be the "PR Bot" spitting out, "What's your plan for warriors? Well, let me tell you our plan for warriors," but ... I really like the back and forth, where players challenge some of our assumptions, or think of things in ways we hadn't considered before, and stuff like that. Because then, selfishly, I can take that back to work and we can talk about it and make changes based on it. Like, "Hey, these are problems the players think the game has, is there something we can do about it?" So that actually, I think, ends up making the game better. So that's why I stick with it.

For more, including the new design philosophy for professions and his view on PvP/PvE balance, go to the interview at Wowhead.

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