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Kohl's pulls Pandigital Novel eReader for a firmware fix?

Ross Miller

It seems Pandigital read a bit too far ahead in the story of its Novel eReader. The Digital Readers, which has been covering the device extensively, reports that Kohl's is currently going through something of a recall so that Pandigital can install an updated firmware. Customers can return it for a full refund -- and if the publication's review is to be believed, that might be the best course of action. In one of the first impressions pieces we've seen, TDR lambasts the Novel both as an e-reader and as a tablet. Apparently the hardware is overly heavy, the screen is laggy, WiFi is broken, and it doesn't charge over USB... but don't just take our word for it. See and hear it for yourself in the video critique after the break -- and if you're still jonesing, JCPenny continues to list it on sale.

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