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Project Natal game titles outed ahead of E3, 'about a dozen' available at launch

Sean Hollister

Looking for some last-minute Project Natal scoopage before we head into E3 2010? You've got it -- the LA Times has dished out details on the first four gesticulariffic games for the Xbox 360's new camera attachment this weekend, and says nearly a dozen other Natal titles will be available at launch. First up are "River Rush" and "Obstacle Course," the titles that inspired Parade Magazine to haphazardly flail appendages about last week, but there's also info on "Living Statue," which lets the social butterflies on Xbox 360 send video messages using singing, dancing avatars as a go-between. No video of this last quite yet, but on the off-chance you're not tired of watching humans slap dust mites silly (we kid) you'll find an unrelated Natal demo after the break.

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