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505 Games enters the ring with MMA Supremacy


505 Games, publisher of the recently released Backbreaker, is once again stepping into the crowded sports arena. MMA Supremacy will be showcased at a behind-closed-doors event at E3 later this week. It's being developed by Kung Fu Factory, a relatively unknown team that credits itself with working on the Mortal Kombat franchise.

Considering both THQ and EA Sports are fiercely competing in this space, CVG questioned creative director Ricci Rukavina on what Supremacy could add to the franchise. "We're taking a more cinematic approach visually as opposed to a television broadcast simulation," Rukavina said. "Our approach to gameplay is concentrating on skills over statistics which should reinforce fast, fun and intuitive play."

In many ways, these are many of the same buzzwords used by NaturalMotion when promoting their Euphoria-powered football game -- one which featured many novel ideas, but didn't exactly win critics over. It'll be interesting to see if Supremacy can outperform its gridiron predecessor.

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