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CCP Games contributes to "Inspired by Iceland" video campaign


CCP Games, producer of sci-fi MMO EVE Online, had a great start to this year. By January 1st 2010, the number of active EVE subscriptions rose above the 320,000 mark. This magic number meant there were more EVE subscriptions than there are citizens of CCP's home country of Iceland. In celebration of this milestone, CCP felt it important to share with the world the inspiration that lead them to where they are today.

As part of Iceland's "Inspired by Iceland" campaign, CCP has put together a video talking about how the development of EVE has been inspired by their home country. In the video, CCP employees talk about EVE Online being developed with a strong sense of community in mind, something that's inherently important to the Icelandic people. They go on to talk about how Iceland has inspired the game's art direction, from the vast lack of scale present in Icelandic landscape to the dark nature of the country.

If you've ever been interested in Iceland, skip past the cut to watch this insightful look into what inspires the folks at CCP Games.

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