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Chrome OS build internals confirm Acer, Dell, and HP hardware coming?

Tim Stevens

We're getting closer and closer to Google's planned Chrome OS release this fall, but still the hardware side of the equation is looking a little less shiny. As of today we don't know exactly who will be bringing Google's little laptop OS to retail first, but now we have a few more clues. Google's code repository contains build configurations for Acer, Dell, and HP hardware, suggesting the OS is being tested by those manufacturers, and while this isn't hard confirmation of device support it does back up what we've heard previously. Acer was rumored to actually show hardware at Computex (it didn't), Dell has already shown Chrome OS running on a netbook, and HP was one of the many that Google indicated was aboard when Chrome partners were announced last year. In other words: no real surprises here, but it's an encouraging indicator just the same.

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