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E3 reveal: Player spaceships and PvP Battlegrounds in SWTOR!


A new door has been opened today in Star Wars: The Old Republic: the door to your very own customizable spaceship! Mary Bihr and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, of LucasArts and Bioware respectively, stood on the stage at E3 to shock Star Wars fans everywhere. Since the first movie with the Millenium Falcon, the starship has been the center of every character's personal story. Friendships were built, and characters even fell in love, on starships. What story will your character build in his or her starship, and what personal touches would you like to see?

Battlegrounds will be the primary focus of PvP combat in SWTOR. Indeed, the new trailer called "Hope" alludes to the fact that one of the primary battlegrounds will be on the planet Alderaan. We know from the official site that Alderaan is a planet estranged from the Republic. This Core planet is the first announced area which will be hotly contested by both the Republic and Imperial forces. So gear up your Trooper and ready your lightsaber, the battle for the Old Republic is about to begin!

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