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Electronic Arts keynote is here, 2pm PT / 5pm ET

Justin McElroy

The historic Orpheum Theater, home to EA's E3 2010 keynote [photo]

[Update: Things are about to get underway here at the Orpheum. Click past the break for all the action, live!]

The Electronic Arts E3 keynote starts in just over an hour, at the historic Orpheum Theater (fun fact: That's where it was last year, also!). Before things really get going, make sure to read our pre-E3 interview with CEO John Riccitiello beforehand, and let us know what you want to see most. Us? Another Mirror's Edge game, please!

3:29PM And that's it! No big surprises, but a pretty solid line up! Next up: Ubisoft.

3:26PM A new trailer features a bunch of armor clad soldiers battling against a bunch of Sith, this is all cinematic, but the section being represented is apparently going to be hands-on on the floor. We can't wait. WE also can't wait for you to see this trailer. Yowsa.

3:23PM Players will battle it out player-vs-player-style in "War Zones." The first of which is in Alderaan.

3:21PM Oh, delicious, it's time for Star Wars: The Old Republic. First off, every player will get his or her own starship. It's a base of operations, as well as, you know, a ship.

3:19PM Points are being handed out like mad, all tied to specifically named moves. For instance, when our hero shoots a foe in the butthole, he receives points for "Fire in the Hole." We don't know who taught 8 year olds to make video games, but we're glad they did.

3:18PM There's also a cool "leash," an energy tether of some sort that lets you grab enemies pull them towards you or smash them into other baddies.

3:17PM A gameplay demo now It's a really different looking world, more stylish than you'd maybe imagine given what we've seen. The player kicks a door, and it smashes against an adjacent wall, smooshing an enemy in between. The player climbs between two rooms by pulling alternate triggers, and he appears to be getting points for it.

3:13PM Cliff and friends are showing off Bulletsorm, which is coming Feb. 22, 2011.

3:10PM The 3D clip we watch through our glasses looks great, but it's not actual gameplay, so it's kind of hard to tell what the effect will actually look like.

3:09PM Crysis the is the only game coming this holiday in 3D on PS3, PC and Xbox.

3:08PM We're getting a look at gameplay now. The player's battling a giant robot, and it looks just as great as you'd imagine. The train station level is torn apart piecemeal as you fend off the mech. The demo closes big, with a giant skyscraper collapsing in real time as you look on.

3:04PM Time for a scoop of Crysis 2 from Cevat Yerli, which he describes as a "new type of sandbox experience." He uses the term "choreographed sandbox," a combination of the freedom of sandbox gameplay and the "intensity of linear gameplay."

3:01PM Sorry for the lack of updates. Sims 3 on consoles looks like Sims 3, hard to tell the different without some UI. At least it's all set to the soothing sounds of Kris Allen.

2:56PM Rod Humble is here to talk up Sims 3 for consoles. Rod shows us himself in a variety of careers and Peter Moore as a stylist. It's charming.

2:53PM It's Joe Montana! Can you feel the awkwardness coming? We sure can. Game Flow allows you to alter plays on the fly. Joe's explaining how real play calling is like game flow. We don't know how many Superbowls you have to win to not have to do things like this, but it's apparently more than four.

2:49PM It's time for Madden. Simplified play calling, games take half the time, 3 vs. 3 co-op play online. The tag lines seem to be simpler, quicker and deeper.

2:46PM Showing off Kinect demo. There's definitely a lag, but it looks OK. Data is automatically uploaded, across all platforms. You'll be able to join support groups on the site.

2:43PM It's time for EA Sports Active 2, coming to Wii, 360 and PS3. There's an arm band with a heart rate monitor, 70 plus exercise and an online component that lets up upload progress. It's coming Nov. 16.

2:40PM MMA is launching Oct. 19.

2:40PM Now he's showing off EA Sports Live Broadcast. Apparently players will be chosen to fight each other in matches that will be commentated on by actual broadcasters. There's also a component that allows players to upload smack talk videos that help them get noticed. There are prizes and "online fame" up for grabs.

2:37PM Ladies and gentlemen, it's Mr. Peter Moore. He says that Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianeko will split the cover of EA Sports MMA.

2:35PM Battlefield Bad Company 2 is being shown now, it's an expansion pack coming this winter. Guess that explains why the DLC hasn't been flowing. It's coming to PS3, Xbox and PC.

2:34PM Unveiling the EA Gun Club, an EA Loyalty Program. It features weapon unlocks, early demo and beta access and news. Looks like it's at, and it's the way to get into the MoH beta early on June 17.

2:32PM Kabul City Ruins and Helmand Valley are the two beta maps. A multiplayer trailer is being shown now. It's packed with explosions and stuff, but it's still pretty unclear how it's different from MW2.

2:30PM A multiplayer beta test will go live June 21 across Xbox, PS3 and PC.

2:30PM Gameplay looks, I mean, it looks very Modern Warfare 2-esque, though with some flashier (and some may say distracting) indicators for scores. It's coming Oct. 12.

2:29PM You know, he said 24, but we only see 16 players on stage. Maybe some are hidden online some where?

2:28PM A row of 24 monitors is lowered from the rafters and the players take the places for Team Assault.

2:27PM Quick correction: Dead Space 2 is January 25.

2:26PM Sean Decker, GM of EALA takes the stage to show off Medal of Honor.

2:25PM Isaac takes a lift up to The Sprawl, a massive, rust-covered highly industrialized city. The trailer ends on a cliffhanger that will apparently, be resolved at tomorrow's Sony show. If we heard right, the game's launching Jan. 5, 2011.

2:21PM The new suit is definitely sleeker, and Isaac appears to be just a bit more spry than we remember him.

2:20PM Isaac's in a church and is instantly knocked down by a massive necromorph, which he desperately tries to fend off. While the large necro runs off, Isaac's beset by little Gollum-esque necromorphs he promptly decapitates.

2:19PM It takes place on the Sprawl, a city with a wide variety of environments. Papoutsis brings producer Rich Riggs to demo the game on what appears to be a PS3 controller.

2:18PM Steve Papoutsis takes the stage to show of Dead Space 2.

2:16PM Not perfectly clear, but there seem to power-ups (like the spike strip for cops) tied to the D-pad.

2:16PM The Criterion staffer brings a friend on stage to help him demo the game. There's a cool intro cinematic introducing both the players. The screen splits in two (though we're pretty sure it's two different feeds, not split screen gameplay) and they're off. The cop uses turbo to blast ahead of the racer, both taking damage represented by a percentage on the left side of the screen.

2:12PM They're taking the series back to its roots, with full careers for cops and criminals. They're introducing the Need for Speed: Autolog, which tracks your friends, and recommends the way you should play.

2:11PM Yep, it's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit coming Nov. 16, developed by Criterion.

2:10PM Racer, cop, which side are you? is the question asked by the opening trailer. Looks like maybe this is the Criterion Need for Speed game?

2:09PM The lights are dimmed, and we're off!

2:04PM OK, there's a slight delay, but we're apparently going to get rolling in five minutes or so.

1:38PM We're here! Waiting in line right now.

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