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GoldenEye 64 Wii-make revealed, see Craig's Bond in action

Earlier today, IGN posted a trailer for the oft-rumored remake of the classic Nintendo 64 shooter, GoldenEye. (You've probably heard of it. You very probably spent many of your youthful nights playing it until you fell asleep.) The game is being ported exclusively to the Wii, and has received a fairly noticeable facelift during its transformation. That is to say, a figurative facelift (it's prettier!) and a literal facelift, as Pierce Brosnan has transmogrified into current Bond actor, Daniel Craig.

IGN's trailer has been pulled down by Activision, but a few wise GoldenEye fans managed to capture it while it was still up. You can check out a copy of the trailer posted after the jump. Don't worry -- we're sure any missing details will be provided in the coming, megaton-filled days.

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