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Japanese hardware sales, May 31 - June 6: E3 checklist edition

Around this time every year, we like to allow ourselves at least one week of solid freak-out time in order to get prepared for E3. As we were fairly busy realizing the beautiful, beautiful dream that is Futurestiq for a majority of our waking hours last week, we weren't able to have our annual extended breakdown. Of course, this will have no effect on our coverage, but we know we'll forget to pack at least one important item for our journey to the west coast. You know, like our camera. Or our laptop charger. Or those pills we have to take everyday at noon in order to continue breathing regularly.

Oh well, no use crying over spilled, extremely expensive hypoallergenic medication. We're en route to E3, where we'll relate unto you all of the scoops, news and anecdotal horror stories we come across. Hopefully there'll be more of the first two, and less of the third, but we can't pretend to know how things are going to play out.

- PSP: 23,588 1,466 (5.85%)
- PS3: 18,951 2,036 (9.70%)
- Wii: 18,818 1,658 (8.10%)
- DSi LL: 10,737 5,530 (34.00%)
- DSi: 8,219 2,105 (20.39%)
- Xbox 360: 3,258 288 (8.12%)
- DS Lite: 1,743 1,218 (41.13%)
- PS2: 1,316 147 (10.05%)
- PSP Go: 1,026 206 (16.72%)

[Source: Media Create]

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