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Rumor: Apple to introduce "Apple Store app" tomorrow


Boy Genius Report and a few other sites have heard that Apple is set to introduce a new official app tomorrow, one centered around visiting and shopping at the Apple Store. Supposedly, the app will be free, and will allow users to set up and check Genius Bar appointments, sign up for training, and check availability or even purchase Apple items. BGR says the icon will be blue and have just an apple on it. We have heard this rumor before, but apparently tomorrow is looking like release day for it.

TUAW has also heard from a trusted source that the app will be released tomorrow, in conjunction with iPhone 4 preorders. We've also heard that you will be able to purchase items directly from the app, as well as set up store reservations. So this is looking more and more like a sure bet. We'll of course keep an eye on the App Store tomorrow and let you know what we see.

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