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TERA's Brian Knox talks hit boxes

Jef Reahard

En Masse Entertainment's Brian Knox continues his assault on the PR circuit, this time checking in on the official TERA forums to chat about the game's hit box mechanics. The forthcoming action MMORPG from En Masse and Bluehole Studio has generated a lot of interest due to its new take on combat, and we're always glad to see further details emerge.

"Hitbox size is one way we can make classes feel unique but still offer a balanced gameplay experience. We spoke to the Bluehole developers in Korea, and they shared their philosophy on hitbox sizes and game balance," Knox writes.

In a nutshell, the developers have adjusted the hit boxes ever so slightly based on the model sizes for each race. How this plays out when the game goes live is anyone's guess, but to read about the theory behind it all, check out the original post over on the TERA boards.

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