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Xbox 360 slim HDD data transfer cable to retail for $20


A question you may be asking yourself: If I upgrade to an Xbox 360 Slim, how do I transfer the data on my current Xbox to the new one? It was revealed to us at Microsoft's Xbox 360 Slim unwrapping event that the new console will support the current data transfer cable (originally made for the Xbox 360 Elite). We also learned that the cables will be available at retail for $19.99 -- a very good thing considering how hard the cables are to find these days. The cables should be available when the new consoles hit the shelves (which should be any day now).

The transfer process is easy enough: Attach the cable to your old hard drive and connect the other end into the USB slot of the 360 Slim. No additional software is required to initiate the transfer process.

If you prefer more cumbersome data transfer methods, of course, you could always move data 8GB at a time with flash drives. If that's still too convenient, you can redownload each and every piece of content from Xbox Live.

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