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Champions Online's Serpent Lantern goes live

Jef Reahard

Cryptic Studios has officially launched the first Adventure Pack, entitled The Serpent Lantern, for their superhero-themed Champions Online MMORPG. What exactly is an Adventure Pack? Well we're glad you asked. It turns out that it's not quite an expansion, but it's also a bit more meaty than your average patch.

"The Serpent Lantern is our first Adventure Pack, a selection of themed content designed to plug seamlessly into your Champions Online play. Adventure Packs will feature new story lines, new locations and new rewards for you and your friends to enjoy. Think of them as a new story arc for your favorite comic book, only you're the hero in your own adventure," Cryptic says in their press release.

Whether you're level 11 or level 40, you'll find something new to do thanks to the new content. Check out all the details over at the official site.

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