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LFG Expo postponed until next year

Eliot Lefebvre

In the midst of one of this year's biggest shows, a fledging expo later this month has decided to postpone their own event. The LFG Expo, which promises to be an MMO-focused event for developers and fans alike, has announced that they are postponing their first event. Previously scheduled for later this month, it's now scheduled for... next year. Eventually. The only concrete information is that the organizers are aiming at sometime during 2011, which is quite some distance in the future.

Readers may remember that we held a ticket giveaway not so long ago for the expo. As of yet, there's no word from the organizers regarding tickets and attendance. Officially, the schedule was moved to secure better developer support, although it's a rather vague statement. Quite possibly the show's close proximity to E3 worked against its developer attendance, but without more official word, all we can do is wait and see what happens next. With any luck, this is simply a minor setback in the LFG Expo's progress.

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