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Your Shape for Kinect preview: the path to enlightenment, one virtual step at a time (video)

Sean Hollister

Even as the Kinect-exclusive Dance Central got certain Engadget editors into the groove, it didn't resonate with all of us, so we headed downstairs for a peek at Your Shape, to get in touch with our inner Zen -- and beat things up, of course. We had a blast punching blocks, though the system only recognized strikes that crossed our own body, and some editors were tripped up by the mirrored virtual doubles the game generates. Actual yoga poses were far better done, with Kinect accurately tracking our moves with little perceptible delay. Unlike in Wii Fit, which merely measures center of balance, a joint gauge of sorts (you can see the angle of your bones) let us readily tell when we were slouching or off-kilter, and adjust our posture respectively. We broke a sweat, looked like doofuses and had fun doing it -- what more could you want? Video after the break.

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