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EyePet Move Edition ... now in 3D!


EyePet may have been delayed a year for its North American debut, but it's become a far more advanced game since its original release (at least technically). High tech families equipped with a super-fancy 3DTV will not only play the game with the Move motion controller, but with newly added 3D support as well.

Whereas implementing support for Sony's motion controller added about nine months of development time to London Studios' pet simulator, 3D took about a month to implement. Unlike many other games, very little detail has been sacrificed to produce the 3D effect. The character model has been largely untouched, although some of the props have received some tweaks. (Other games drop the polygon count or texture resolution to achieve the demanding technical requirements necessary for 3D.)

Most families won't experience EyePet in 3D, an unfortunate reality of the formats infancy. "The switch to 3D won't happen overnight but we're very proud to be pushing the first family titles in 3D, including Eyepet," a Sony rep told us. However, EyePet's implementation of 3D is some of the best we've experienced from Sony. Instead of focusing on flashy effects, there are a number of subtle implementations. The best part of the demo was washing the EyePet. Over time, steam appears on what appears to be virtual glass. The steam builds up slowly over time, and the slow drops of water that roll down are incredibly believable in 3D. Does it change the game? No. But did it look cool? Absolutely.

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