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Konami E3 2010 keynote, live from the Los Angeles Convention Center


We're getting ready for the final press conference of E3 2010: Konami. Will we see more on that new, Vatra-developed Silent Hill game that's supposed to get detailed this week? Perhaps a bit more of that Metal Gear Solid Rising action we first glimpsed at Microsoft's press conference on Monday? Will Kojima hop on stage and start showing off his Def Jam Rapstar skills? Perhaps! Stay tuned as we liveblog the whole thing, minute by minute.

2:58PM Shinji Hirano's back and he's talking up the 3DS. Also, the conference is over. We're out!

2:57PM Other than a few words about the forthcoming game, Cox didn't have much to tell us. This new trailer, however, we're quite enjoying it. We'll grab all of these trailers as soon as we can.

2:55PM Koji Igarashi, the game's developer, has high hopes. He's also interested in adding new characters and levels should the game sell well enough. Also, yep, he's wearing a cowboy hat. He looks awesome. Mr. Igarashi hands over the podium to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer David Cox.

2:49PM Matsuyama promises we'll hear more about the game's story soon enough. For now, we're onto Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

2:43PM In addition to Raiden's blade, he'll have "sub-weapons" as well. Presumably he doesn't mean weapons from a submarine (though that would be totally awesome).

2:41PM Rising's director (not Matsuyama) stresses the flexibility of cutting -- "Zan-Datsu," or "Cut at Will." The focus of Rising certainly seems to be on cutting up dudes, huh? He says there'll also be "stealth elements," but it'll be significantly faster than previous MGS titles.

2:38PM That glowing, robotic spine that Raiden rips out of a Metal Gear early on in the trailer? Those are for progressing the story and gameplay in a variety of ways -- everything from new weapons to in-game information. Matsuyama also stresses the importance of careful cutting. (Can we say it again? Slice slice slice!)

2:36PM If you were waiting for Hideo Kojima, you might have to wait awhile. Game director Shigenobu Matsuyama isn't just handling this presentation, but also handling the game in general. He says that "Mr. Kojima has passed me the torch." Well look at you, Mr. Matsuyama!

2:35PM A Metal Gear Solid Rising trailer just started running -- the same one we saw during Microsoft's presser a few days ago. Yep, Raiden still looks great and, yep, all that slicing is still there. Slice slice slice!

2:32PM It's a Devil May Cry/Bayonetta-style action game. It's called Neverdead because the various characters can lose body parts and then reassemble themselves. Icky!

2:31PM Whoops, that's "Neverdead," folks. Shinta Nojiri of Konami is leading up the game design and Rebellion (you know, the Aliens vs Predator people) will be handling development.

2:30PM Konami Japan just revealed Never Dead. Holy ... wow. This looks pretty impressive. A ruined city and a lot of trash talk. Also, a monster with lots and lots of eyes.

2:28PM Our prisoner luckily finds himself a gun -- unfortunately though, the world around him starts melting. Isn't that just the worst? The gameplay looks like ... well, it looks like Silent Hill. Dan Licht (of Dexter fame) will be handling the music.

2:24PM From this trailer we're seeing, the game's main character appears to be an escaped prisoner. Unfortunately for him, he's seeking escape in Silent Hill. The fool!

2:22PM Finally! Vatra Games' Silent Hill is getting shown off. What's different about this one? Let's find out!

2:20PM Oooh, what's this last game? Lost in Shadow, eh? Sure, we've seen it a bit already, but this trailer helps us to remember that it looks pretty fantastic. It's no Deca Sports 3, but then what is?

2:17PM Deca Sports 3 will apparently feature Wii MotionPlus across the board this time around. But Deca Sports Freedom promises Kinect functionality -- no controllers at all! Take that, Deca Sports 3.

2:16PM Mike Pepe from Hudson's now up and showing off four titles the company's releasing this fall. Beyblade: Metal Fusion's first, quickly followed by Deca Sports 3. Three!

2:11PM It's like two dozen Duffy's just appeared. It's 2008 all over again, folks.

2:09PM A full high school chorus just appeared and started singing along with the game! We're significantly more uncomfy!

2:06PM Remember when we mentioned Glee Karaoke Revolution earlier? Now we're getting a trailer. That was quite literally our first experience with Glee. Did you know it's full of high school students? Weird!

2:05PM We didn't hear anything about Kinect just yet. The game definitely uses a camera of some type ... Kinect however, we're not so sure.

2:03PM Apparently "it's not Just Dancing," as these folks pointed out more than once. Quite the dig!

2:02PM The game inputs players faces and, just like Dance Central, has players matching moves with on-screen avatars. Our presenters have been dancing pretty seriously and are now exhausted.

2:00PM We've got a new game from the Dance Dance Revolution folks -- DanceMasters.

1:58PM Adrenalin Misfits (that's right, "Adrenalin") is being detailed. It's one of the fifteen Kinect games announced earlier this week. Did you ask for a trailer full of people jumping around in their living rooms? Neither did we, but here it is!

1:56PM We're not seeing any gameplay, just a really, really ... interesting anime trailer. Lots of teenage ladies. We're a little uncomfy.

1:54PM O:Tomedius Excellent just got announced and apparently it's coming "this winter exclusively to your Xbox 360 console."

1:52PM A new trailer's being shown off. It's pretty extreme, we'll give them that.

1:49PM And now we're getting a Ninety-Nine Nights 2 presentation. The developer just said it's no longer a hack-n-slash, now it's simply "Extreeeeeme." Yep.

1:48PM The game's subtitle "Flesh and Blood" isn't just because the game features brutal violence, but because the game's main character is Saw 1's son -- "his flesh and blood."

1:45PM A Saw 2: Flesh and Blood trailer -- featuring a nurse who illegally sells pharmaceuticals on the streets being ripped in half -- just ran. We're feeling distinctly grosser than we did five minutes ago. She got ripped in half! Gross!

1:43PM There was some man-breast slapping taking place on stage. Now there's more -- the Slang rep is being seriously manhandled. To the point that he's now been taken out back. Good luck, dude!

1:41PM After this week's lucha libre match at the E3 Konami booth (seriously), the game's cover athlete will be decided by who wins. They're holding the weigh-in on stage.

1:39PM A few semi-terrifying luchadores are now on stage. Please don't hurt us, terror men!

1:38PM Directly from hip-hop to Mexican wrestling -- it's Lucha Libre time. We're really, really hoping Konami gives us luchador masks on the way out.

1:37PM And now we're seeing a Meth and Red-infused trailer showing off the game's social functionality (rap battles, if you will).

1:35PM Rather than speaking directly to the game's mechanics, he's glad to see a big push for a hip-hop based game in a market light on rap.

1:33PM He's speaking about President Obama and national acceptance of hip-hop culture. We're not sure we see the direct connection, but we're glad that more people are listening to good music.

1:31PM Russell Simmons time! The crowd goes wild and flashes abound. As you might image, he's rather excited about the upcoming Def Jam game.

1:29PM "It's what we call a constantly connected game," says 4mm. Friends can comment on your videos and challenge you through the game's social media functionality.

1:27PM Ummm ... uh oh. There's some technical hiccups. 4mm is up now, talking Def Jam Rapstar. Maybe Mr. Simmons will hop on stage? We can only dream.

1:26PM Wait, isn't that like, five games? We must've missed something. Karaoke Revolution is getting a Glee partnership! Oh my!

1:24PM Konami prez Shinji Hirano's just taken the stage. He's showing off three specific examples of Konami growth worldwide -- MGS, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Frogger and Dance Dance Revolution are being featured.

1:21PM And we're rolling. First up is a trailer montage. Apparently the Konami code was required to unleash this flood from a digital vault. Not a great password, guys. So predictable!

1:20PM David Daniels is now on-stage, Konami's head of marketing. Things aren't exactly popping off just yet.

1:18PM Ruh oh, everything just got really quiet. Oooh, and some light piano! Soothing!

1:16PM Other than a handful of logos, we're not seeing much just yet. Hang tight, folks.

1:10PM And we're seated, just four rows from the front. Russell Simmons? Yeah, he's front and center.

1:01PM Heading in now -- in the immortal words of Sam Jackson, "Hold onto your butts!"

1:00PM Russell Simmons just walked by with a full video crew and entourage. No sign of Kojima just yet!

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