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Nyko's Wii Party Station still not being manufactured


Nyko's Wii Party Station is a thing of E3 legend. First seen at E3 Santa Monica 2007, we always anticipate this will be the year we see it again. Sadly, it was not in attendance. With Move on the horizon, we asked Nyko if it was planning to revisit the Wii Party Station or even a Move Party Station.

"We can always revisit that. At the time it was too expensive," a Nyko representative told us. He explained that the price of oil, which you need to make the plastic-intensive product, was too expensive at the time and it just didn't make cost sense. He informed us that the electronics in the unit, which included four displays, LED lighting around a chip tray and a hand drying fan cost less than the plastic.

Keep hope alive, folks. Perhaps, one day, Nyko will find it in its heart to deliver upon us this most excellently ridiculous over-the-top frat boy dorm item.

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