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PlayStation Move patch for Heavy Rain coming this fall


Press "Move" to Jason? While the exact motion controls for hailing your wandering son remain unknown, Sony managing producer Petro Piaseckyj confirmed that a PlayStation Move patch for Heavy Rain -- the entire game reworked with Move commands -- will be added at an unspecified date this fall. Piaseckyj could not confirm if the patch would be a free update or a paid add-on; nor did he know if the PlayStation Move control option would be implemented into a future version of the standard retail game or sold separately as, say, the "Move Edition."

"There's definitely a learning curve to the Move," Piaseckyj warned, explaining that two difficulty levels of Move controls would be available in the Heavy Rain update. In practice, when playing the old demo with the new Move controls (the harder setting) at Sony's E3 booth, Heavy Rain is more intuitive than when played with the DualShock 3. (Note: The new control method does require both the Move wand and the Navigation Controller.) There are still some awkward and confusing combinations of button holds and presses, coupled with punishingly specific hand swipes or pushing motions, but overall Move offers a simplified yet more engaging means of untangling the mystery of the Origami Killer.

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