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The Daily Grind: Ignorance is bliss


One of the most common MMO myths is that there are only two types of players: completely ignorant noobs and sagely wise veterans, the clueless and the all-knowing. The fact is that all of us are in varying stages of learning about specific titles and MMO gaming in general. It's a process in which we -- including the developers of these MMOs -- never quite know all there is.

Today's question is in a complex two-part format, both dealing with ignorance in online gaming. First, what did you only recently learn about your favorite MMO that you never knew before, even if you've been playing for years, that rocked you back on your heels? And second, what did you learn about a game that you wish you could UN-learn, restoring your original state of ignorance, because that knowledge took some of the fun away from your experience?

Maybe you found out something everyone else knew, but you were playing for years without the slightest hint that you were doing something wrong or the hard way. Maybe you thought the world was deeper or more complex, but a friend revealed the true secret behind some of the developers' tricks and enabled you to see "behind the curtain." What were you ignorant about for a long time, and what do you wish you could forget and be ignorant about once more?

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