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Dropcam Echo streams imagery to your iPhone, sends push notifications

Darren Murph

Oh, sure -- you've got oodles of options when it comes to webcams, particularly the security types that are meant to monitor your home, garage or underground lair. But by and large, the ones already out there are difficult to install, pricey and impossible to troubleshoot. Dropcam's aiming to make things far simpler with its barebones Echo, which is the outfit's second-ever product. Essentially, it's a wireless Dropcam (original) with audio support added in, and after you've got it mounted and streaming, you can sign up for a (partially paid) service to access remote viewing via PC, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad (other devices are "coming soon"), and automatic alerts can be pushed to your iDevice whenever motion is detected. There's even the ability to review up to 30 days of footage on a timeline, and Dropcam makes it easy to generate video clips for permanent storage, too. It's on sale now for $279, representing an $80 premium over the video-only model.

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