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Fishing with explosives

Alex Ziebart

The goblin fishing style is a reality. By way of El's Anglin', we've learned that you can indeed fish with dynamite in the World of Warcraft. EZ-Thro Dynamite to be specific. Watch the video embedded above to see it in action. There are some very strange limitations, however.
  • Only EZ-Thro Dynamite (of both flavors) works for this. Other Engineering explosives do not!
  • You must be between levels 10 and 19 to loot the items blowing up a fishing pool creates, no higher and no lower.
  • Despite this level limitation, some of the items that come out of this are Burning Crusade era items such as Jaggal Pearls. Booze makes up most of the other items.
How long has this been in the game? We're not sure. Judging by the quality of the items "dropped" by blowing up fishing pools, we would guess it was a Burning Crusade addition. If that's true, has this gone unnoticed for 2-4 years? That seems unlikely, but it's a definite possibility.

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