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Fujitsu, Toshiba lock up handset division merger

Chris Ziegler

The I's have been dotted, the T's have been crossed, and two of Japan's mobile giants -- Fujitsu and Toshiba -- have apparently brought their handset division merger talks to a fruitful conclusion. Fujitsu will take a majority stake in the joint venture, which should become Japan's number two domestic market phone supplier behind Sharp; together, they'll still have virtually no significance on the global stage, but this might be an interesting opportunity for phones like the TG01 and its successors to get a little more play around the world. For its part, Toshiba is looking at the deal to step back from an unprofitable business; margins on phones in the Japanese domestic market are razor-thin, and other players like Mitusbishi have already bowed out entirely. Best of luck, you lovebirds.

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