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Hydrophobia to drip onto PlayStation 3 and PC


Before getting our hands on the flooded world of Hydrophobia for the second time at this year's E3, we pushed Dark Energy Digital's Pete Jones to clarify the exclusivity deal his studio has with Microsoft. "We're launching exclusively on 360, just to get that one out of the way [the question] -- but there will be a PS3 and a PC version in the fullness of time," Jones told us, confirming a PC release of the game along the way. Unfortunately, he couldn't tell us exactly how long Microsoft's period of exclusivity will last.

"For contractual reasons, I can't exactly say what that time period is," Jones added, also noting that, "Ultimately, there will be disc versions as well. Maybe as a compilation." Hydrophobia has yet to receive a solid release date, but the folks from DED are pushing hard for a release by the end of this summer. That said, if the disc-based release will compile all three games of the planned trilogy, it'll be quite some time before we see it flooding onto store shelves.

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