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WoW Moviewatch: WoW!


NSFW Language Warning: There's some naughty language in here.

Some movies are created due to a deep-seated psychological compulsion to create. They are driven to higher forms of art by an ongoing desire to improve their craft. Other movies are created because the author loves World of Warcraft. The game and community has been good to the creator, and he wants to give a little something back. Some folks just love the game so much they simply must rap about it. I think WoW! falls into the last category.

WoW! is obviously a labor of love for the creator. The performers and creators all evidentaly have a lot of fun making this movie and are open to being a little goofy. I'm not sure they're trying to set the rap world on fire as much as they're just out to have a good time. My hat's off to them. Even though I don't necessarily dig the music, I had a great time watching WoW!

Also, the idea of calling a friend and screaming "oh my god, dude, there's totally a velociraptor in here" could be pretty keen. I might try that tonight.

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