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You'll lose your head over this NeverDead media


Revealed during today's Konami press conference, NeverDead looks like something that might have originated from the makers of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta -- but it's actually the work of UK-based Rebellion, the studio most recently responsible for Aliens vs. Predator. Its star is an immortal, gun-toting, wise-cracking gunslinger with the unusual ability to literally pull himself together if dismembered.

The crazy concept -- and, in fact, the entire game design -- comes from the mind of Shinta Nojiri, a veteran Konami designer and the director of the Metal Gear Ac!d titles. We'd say he's lost his head, but Nojiri would probably find it, pop it back on and glare at us disapprovingly. Instead, we'll just point you toward the trailer after the break.

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