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Breakfast Topic: We need more WoW lolcats


Lolcats are somewhat an internet tradition at this point. They've passed beyond the realm of mere meme. They've transcended that status. No, they've ascended from that status. Lolcats are something special; a viral imprint on our collective unconscious, communicating in a strange, instinct-driven pidgin that idealogically appeals to both the young and the old.They are the zeitgeist of the troll heavy internet, reaching out for a simpler, more pure time.

Which makes it odd, to me, that we haven't seen more WoW lolcats. Sure. There's "Leeroy Cat." There's that awfully cute baby screaming "For the Horde!" He comes in both flesh color and in orc green color. (I've always kind of hoped his parents are okay with him being the iconic Hordebaby, because I think he's never going to live that down.) And I recall the one cat who talks about being in my account, sharding my purples. But that's about it for the iconic, WoW related lolcats.

And that can't be right. I'm clearly wrong here. You folks know some good WoWcats, right? And, if there is, in fact, some black hole out there, sucking our WoWcats into its vortex with the life-sucking void of a goateed hipster on an emo bender, then we're going to do something about it. Right? Right? Because, it just doesn't seem right to me.

Show me your WoWcats! We needs them, my precious!

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