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Trine 2 conjures online co-op for XBLA, PSN and PC


While failing to materialize on Xbox Live Arcade, whimsical puzzle platformer Trine found critical success on the PlayStation Network (even including a Platinum Trophy) and PC. Online co-op was a notable omission from the game -- and it's one Atlus and Frozenbyte's reforged partnership hopes to correct with Trine 2, coming to XBLA, PSN and PC in spring 2011.

The iconic trio of playable characters returns in Trine 2, each with a new ability to complement the game's more directed approach to puzzle design. Atlus claims that the physics-based challenges will be more difficult to break or avoid outright, but will still accommodate multiple solutions. Hopefully, experimentation -- or "messing around" in gaming parlance -- will still be encouraged, especially now that three friends can tackle puzzles together online.

We get dibs on the wizard, by the way.

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