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WoW Moviewatch: Confusion


Not every idea or sketch turns into a masterful piece of art. While I'd argue that they still have value, it's just not the way of things that each moment of film is going to turn into brilliance like Citizen Kane or legends like Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Sometimes, these metaphorical scraps of film don't make it anywhere but the floor of the editing room. And, like I said, those scraps do have value; there's often neat or fun little bits in there.

Machinimator Paus has gathered these pieces together into an overall larger piece of work called Confusion. He's got a couple different things happening in this film, so see if you can't sort out what he's created. This work is influenced by Derren Brown's How to Control the Nation.

In case you recognize a bit or two of this piece, but don't recall from where, Paus is the master behind Idea. I still think of Idea as being one of the most original and dinstinctive machinima films I've seen this year, so it's always awesome to see something new from Paus.

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