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WRUP: All work and no play...


You might think that going to E3, testing out half a billion games, conducting inaudible interviews in a roaring crowd of thousands, and then trying to deliver the goods to your staff over a crappy wifi connection would imply some glamorous existence. You might think that the writers who spent day and night transforming all of the interviews and trailers and screenshots into something that you, the reader, wanted to *squee* about, would be just like the reporters in some adrenaline-fueled news room in a grainy black-and-white film.

Well, you'd be right, more or less, minus the sound of creaky old typewriters clicking furiously -- but that doesn't mean we're not completely exhausted after a week this crazy! Hopefully you all enjoyed our coverage of the MMOs shown at E3. For now, we're going to kick back and relax before we wander too much into Jack Torrance territory. Hit the break and see which games we'll be using to recharge our play meters!

  • Beau Hindman (@spouseaggro): I'm enjoying Hello Kitty Online, seriously. Otherwise, I'm moving my house in WURM Online, which is no easy task. I have found a few spots, but I got greedy and have become stuck, bruised and possibly drowning. We'll see when I log in this weekend.
  • Brendan Drain (@nyphur): I think I'm still recovering from the E3 rush, there were so many really awesome announcements that I'm really looking forward to the coming year of games. With a load of real life friends now playing World of Warcraft, I've decided to give it another go and am thoroughly hooked again. My EVE Online buddies might be a little neglected this weekend while I'm traipsing around Azeroth.
  • Brianna Royce: I'd like to think I'm going to get some Star Wars Galaxies time in, but I'm probably just going to sleep. I've also got to make it up to my evening Guild Wars crew -- I neglected them during the E3 madness, and they started playing WoW again!
  • Edward Marshall: Looks like I'll be playing Fallen Earth again, unless I finally decide to try out All Points Bulletin. I doubt I will though, because I always seem to find something interesting to do in FE.
  • Eliot Lefebvre: I'm taking a much-deserved -- or at least much-wanted -- sojourn into the depths of Guild Wars as my dervish nears the level cap, with only the entire game left to clear. I've also felt an urge stirring for some more Mass Effect and Star Trek Online. Also, steadily relaxing after this week's insanity.
  • Greg Waller: This weekend I'm catching up on the new DLC for Mass Effect 2. I want to keep my Adept up-to-par with all the DLC for when Mass Effect 3 comes out, and I was also thinking of taking my Infiltrator through Mass Effect 2 again, on "insanity" difficulty -- the idea of having my Infiltrator, Thane, and Kasumi as a squad really gets me going for some reason. If all else fails, its back to Warhammer Online and my Archmage.
  • Jef Reahard: Finally found a guild in Age of Conan (if you want something done right...). I am also relearning EverQuest 2, and am thoroughly enjoying Norrath this time around. Oh, and there will be some crying over the charred carcass of my 360, courtesy of last Tuesday's lightning storm. Red Dead Redemption's third act will have to wait on Microsoft's repair department. /flail
  • Jeremy Stratton (@loseyerlife): I'm hoping the guild I found in Runes of Magic pans out. I hate guild-hopping, but I'm really looking forward to trying siege wars and some higher-level instances. Beau got me interested in trying a lesser-known free-to-play MMO called Pandora Saga and I finally managed to get Battleforge to work. I'm really enjoying the RTS/CCG-hybrid gameplay.
  • Justin Olivetti (@sypster): If I have time -- and it's one of those weekends where I severely doubt I shall -- I'll be taking my captain through the remainder of the Volume I epic storyline in Lord of the Rings Online. I also downloaded Magic: The Gathering -- Duel of the Planeswalkers on Steam for a little card action here and there.
  • Krystalle Voecks (@Krystalle): Very little MMO time in the cards for me, although I plan on popping in on LOTRO and the LEGO Universe beta for at least an hour or two.
  • Larry Everett (@shaddoe): I will be working this weekend on a couple of pieces. One on SWTOR, of course. And the other will be on the 7th anniversary of SWG. I will not be on my main. Instead, I will be on the character called TheReporter on Starsider. I'm looking for some quotes from players, and I will be conducting interviews with a couple of key, long-term members of the community. So if you see me online, shoot me a tell. I'd like to know which Massively readers still play.
  • MJ Guthrie: I will be having some all night Aion binges -- attending some sieges, working on campaigns, trying to max out the crafting I started this week, and playing with my son. That means getting into as much trouble as we can! I will also jump into some AoC and frolic with some RP. I will also be prowling around Xsyon and continuing my quest to terraform a swimming pool by diverting a river! I have a really big family dinner on Sunday, so less gaming. Also throw in some time with the soccer ball and movies with the kids to round it out (and make sure my body doesn't meld into the computer chair). Not sure there are enough hours to DO all this...
  • Patrick Mackey (@mackeypb): I'm actually going to be playing more Champions Online this weekend (for once!). I have an alt that needs the final push to 40 (still!) and there's the matter of the Massively SG. So I will be in game for most of Saturday and Sunday, probably doing Serpent Lantern or whatever else people want to toy around with. On Friday, I will be running Rifts (not Planes of Telara, but the PnP game) as my players are caught in the middle of a violent gang war.
  • Rubi Bayer (@Rubi_): My Dungeons and Dragons Online Rogue is inches away from level 6, so I'm going to get her there this weekend. I've got two Guild Wars characters who are keeping current with War in Kryta events, and they each have three boss bounties to clear. I plan to get those out of the way, then tackle the newest quest -- exciting times in Tyria! A remodeling project and some quality time with my garden will be taking up the rest of my time this weekend. It should be a good one!
  • Ryan Greene (@thatgaynerd): I resubbed to Warhammer Online last weekend. While the gameplay has been mostly fun, I've had such unpleasant encounters with the Tier 1 community that I'm already reconsidering playing at all. Which is fine, because I have to spend the weekend packing up a friend's apartment and moving him, and then packing up my apartment and selling all my furniture in advance of my own imminent relocation. Fun!
  • Seraphina Brennan (@sera_brennan): Enjoying a little bit more APB before the "open beta" closes, and then I'm probably going to start in on Oblivion, as I got it for cheap on Steam before E3. Beyond the world of video games, I'd like to actually make a trip to Kennywood, a local amusement park with nationally renowned rollercoasters, this weekend. Unfortunately, knowing my friends, this trip probably won't happen, but at least I can dream.

How about the rest of you? What games did E3 inspire you to jump into -- or not -- this weekend? Have you got any burning game-related questions for the staff that we can answer en masse next week? Let us know in the comments!

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