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DDO offers a head start on update 5 with the Lamannia guild competition

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Are you anxious to get your virtual hands on some of the new content coming in Dungeons and Dragons Online update 5? You and your guild may be able to get a jump on things before the update arrives, thanks to the new guild competition on Lamannia.

Players can copy their guilds to Lamannia and join in a race to gain the most guild renown for a prize of 200 Astral Diamonds -- enough to purchase the Stormglory Bolt, the first ship in the luxury Stormglory line. This competition is more of a sprint than a marathon, so you'll want to hurry. Entries will be accepted through Monday night and winning guilds are announced on the 24th.

Smaller guilds are at no disadvantage here, as the contest is divided into five tiers according to guild size. There will be one prize given within each tier. Ready to participate? Check out the contest information and rules, rally your guild, and good luck!

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