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LG leaks in Brazil include Android-powered C710, cute T310

Chris Ziegler

Brazil's CelularCafe looks to have scored a four-pack of fresh leaks out of LG, most notably a new Android handset being called the C710 that looks suspiciously like Verizon's Ally but apparently lacks a QWERTY keyboard, steps up to a 5 megapixel cam, and includes 802.11n WiFi, a new spec sheet line item that's been picking up steam with higher-end smartphones as of late. Next, there's the T300, a low-end full touchscreen device with a 2 megapixel cam that the site has taken to calling the Cookie Light; next to it lies the slightly-spiffier T310 (pictured) with a larger display and irresistibly cute styling. Finally, there's a forgettable A130 clamshell with EDGE data and an FM radio with recording capability -- needless to say, not the most exciting of the bunch. No word on when, or where, we might see any of these for sale.

[Thanks, Daniel P.]

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