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Crackdown 2 demo now available; Facebook game unlocks bonuses

Can't wait to earn 'Cheevos for the many, many heads you'll be busting in Crackdown 2? You can get an early start today -- the 1GB demo of the game, now available on Xbox Live Marketplace, features accelerated character leveling, four-player co-op and the ability to start earning Achievements, which will fully unlock when you boot up the retail version of the game, coming July 6.

In addition, the Crackdown 2-themed Facebook game Chuck's Duck 2 unlocks a new difficulty in the demo and a multiplayer weapon for use in the retail version of the game. Appropriately, said weapon is an exploding, sticky rubber duck. That ought to strike some fear into the hearts of Pacific City's mutant inhabitants, shouldn't it? Add Crackdown 2 demo to your Xbox 360 download queue

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