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TERA devblog discusses race and class combos

Jef Reahard

Not content with his various blogosphere interviews and E3 hob-knobbing, En Masse Entertainment Senior Producer Brian Knox continues his prolific PR assault with a devblog on the official TERA website. The topic, race and class combinations, is sure to pique the interest of even the most casual TERA fan, as Knox discusses everything from game balance, to race differentiation, to aesthetics.

"We want to give players as many options as possible, but there are story and lore reasons why a certain race may not be appropriate for a particular class. This is partially based on our continuing development of TERA's rich narrative backstory, partially because some combinations simply don't make sense, and partially because the actual combinations (such as weapons and armor for some races) are very technically challenging to pull off in a convincing way," Knox writes.

You can view the full blog on the official website.

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