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TUAW's Daily App: Space Invaders Business Cards


The Taito Corporation is the Japanese developer that owns the Space Invaders franchise, and they have done something pretty crazy with the App Store. They've released a series of completely free, Space Invaders-branded apps, most of which have nothing to do with the game at all. There's the Space Invaders Timer, the Space Invaders Calculator, and even the Space Invaders Flashlight. It's pretty bizarre, although all of the apps are free, so it's probably not worth questioning -- if you're a Space Invaders fan and wish your normal utility apps had a little pixelated alien feel, you've hit the jackpot.

The real winner, though, is the Space Invaders Business Card app. This is a free app that lets you create a virtual business card, that you can even trade across with friends on other phones via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, traded cards only go to the business card album inside the app (unlike Bump, for example, it won't go into your main Contacts app), but once they're in there, you can call out and email directly from the app itself. Especially considering, again, that the app is free, it's a fun little utility that might come in handy, especially if more and more people use it. No idea why Taito has gone nuts creating these little utilities, but free's free, download away.

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