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AIR for Android app turns Nexus One into slot car controller (video)


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AIR for Android, a Phidgets motor control, a slot car set, and a custom built LEGO housing for good measure -- if this project isn't meant for Engadget, we don't know what is! The premise is pretty straightforward: Grant Skinner uses his Nexus One to send accelerometer data to a desktop PC, which then sends it to a motor controller. In turn, the controller tells the cars how fast to go. Tilt forward a little bit, and the car accelerates a little bit. Lean forward a lot, and it picks up speed. Sure beats those cheesy plastic triggers we used as kids! For the interface (which is an SWF that's sent to the handset from the host PC) our man designed a gas pedal with a series of lights that tells you how fast you're going. Let's just say we wouldn't mind a setup like this for the Engadget game room. Video after the break.

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