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Eigenharp Alpha's biggest fan pens 11,000 word guide

Sean Hollister

Earlier this month, lucky musician Geert unboxed an Eigenharp Alpha for the whole world to see. Now he's jotted down a few thoughts on the 132-key digital instrument... oh hell, let's just call it a primer. Calling out years of musical study as proof he knows what he's talking about, the man delves into enough detail about the mind-blowing multi-instrument machine to teach Eigenharp 101. If you want to know whether dropping £3,995 on the musical creature would be worth your while, you'll find all you need to know at the source link, but be aware the sheer complexity here may serve to daunt some would-be casual learners. If you need to regain your enthusiasm afterwards though, there's no quicker way than watching an Eigenharp jam session -- we recorded one at the company's London HQ, and you'll find it after the break.

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