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Just Cause 2 gets free rocket-launching Tuk Tuk DLC

Ah, the Tuk Tuk. Almost universally recognized as the most useless vehicle of all time in regards to its implementation in video games. (You ever try to rack up a huge crash score while driving a Tuk Tuk in Burnout 3? It is impossible.) Avalanche, however, recently gave the poor, pod-shaped vehicle a facelift with a new piece of free DLC for Just Cause 2: Introducing the "Tuk Tuk Boom Boom" (pictured right), available today through Xbox Live, PSN and Steam.

You'll notice that Avalanche has peeled the roof off of this particular model of the vehicle, leaving just enough room for a massive, powerful cannon. It's also faster and handles better than the rollover-friendly standard version, meaning the Tuk Tuk Boom Boom might just become your new mode of transportation of choice when it's time to raid that enemy base -- or, you know, that impoverished civilian village.

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