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Net neutrality moving forward behind closed doors?

Eliot Lefebvre

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It sounds fairly boring compared to slaughtering orcs in your game of choice, but net neutrality is a big deal. It's about the very nature of the Internet and how we interact with it, and supporters of neutrality would argue that it's the only thing standing between MMO players and uncomfortable restrictions on their ability to play. Unfortunately, the cause was dealt a major blow back in April, which looked like it might be the death knell of the cause. The Federal Communications Commission hasn't wholly dropped the issue, it seems, but their pursuit of it is somewhat more dodgy.

It has come to light that the FCC has carried on a series of secret meetings with lobbyists from top telecommunication companies and large Internet companies to discuss the future of this proposal. Consumer group Free Speech has spoken out loudly in protest, referring to the meetings as "...what appears to be secret negotiations to sell out the future of the Internet." The future of neutrality remains very much in doubt, and it's well worth following along if you care about your online connection (which covers pretty much every MMO player).

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