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The Game Archaeologist and the Star of the Galaxies: My expedition


After cracking open the history textbooks on one of the most famous (and infamous) MMOs of the past decade and talking to two groups of crack veterans, it was finally time for the Game Archaeologist to strap on his lightwhip, kick over the nearest Astromech droid, and dive headfirst into Star Wars Galaxies.

Although I've been interested in Star Wars Galaxies since 2003, its apparent complexity scared me off back in the beginning (when I made the choice to scoot over to the equally complex Anarchy Online during that time). Later on, I felt as if it was too late to jump on the SWG bandwagon, feeling as if the entire Galaxies playerbase was finishing up their Master's degrees and I'd be entering the equivalent of preschool. Fortunately, this article series gave me an excellent excuse to stop coming up with excuses and simply go for it -- and with the counsel of several friends and Massively writers who know the SWG ropes, I found my footing just fine.

Click on the first picture of the gallery to join me on my journey to the stars -- and don't forget to read my impressions under each screenshot!

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