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Celestial Nights (and days) coming to Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre

While there are those who might argue that the release of the June version update is celebration enough, Final Fantasy XI isn't the sort of game to let a couple of months go by without some Vana'dielian holiday event. It's time for another fun trip into the celebration of summer, and this year's festivities promise to celebrate everyone's favorite part of the season: young lovers dying unpleasantly. At least, that's what this year's piece of introductory fiction for the Celestial Nights is promising, along with the ever-popular profiteering moogles.

Unlike several events in Final Fantasy XI, the actual process of the event over the past two years has remained fairly static, as has the backstory regarding the event. In short, it's a chance for characters to get some unique furnishings and the ever-popular decorative pieces of armor. This year's event will be starting on June 29th, running for two weeks until July 13th. Avid players can brush up on the guide from prior years for a good idea of how this year's festivities will most likely take place.

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