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Rumor: SWTOR closed beta happening this weekend? [Updated]

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Is there a closed beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic? If the general community discussion is to be believed, yes.

A thread on the official SWTOR forums began this morning, claiming that players have received invitations for a June 25 - 27 closed beta. A post added shortly afterward made further clarification that only 100-200 invitations are going out. Within seven hours the thread reached nearly 200 pages.

So is it for real? On one hand, we don't have a clear confirmation of the fact. On the other hand, as our friends at Darth Hater pointed out, the thread was not locked, something that is usually SOP in these cases. In addition, Sean Dahlberg certainly isn't denying it.

We'll keep our eyes open for any further information!

[Thanks to Nickelpat for the tip]

[Update: Unless our commenters are very, very good with Photoshop, this has been pretty much confirmed. Check your e-mails everyone!]

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